Are There Glamping Options For Families With Children?

Are you a family with children looking for a unique and luxurious camping experience? If so, you might be wondering if there are glamping options available that are perfect for your little ones. Well, we have some exciting news for you! In this article, we will explore the world of glamping and discover the various options that cater specifically to families with children. From spacious safari tents to charming treehouses, get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure where comfort meets nature. So, pack your bags and get ready to create lasting memories in the great outdoors with your family! Yes, absolutely! Glamping, a more luxurious and comfortable form of camping, is a fantastic option for families with children. It allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature while still having access to modern amenities and conveniences. There are various types of glamping options available, each offering unique experiences for families.

Are There Glamping Options For Families With Children?

Types of Glamping Options

Tent Glamping

Tent glamping is the classic and most traditional form of glamping. It involves staying in a spacious and well-furnished tent, usually equipped with comfortable beds, cozy bedding, and sometimes even electricity. Tent glamping allows you to enjoy the outdoor beauty while still having a comfortable place to sleep and relax.

Yurt Glamping

Yurt glamping offers a unique blend of camping and luxury. Yurts are round, portable, and sturdy structures that are traditionally used by nomadic cultures. They often feature comfortable beds, heating or air conditioning, and even private bathrooms. Yurt glamping provides a cozy and unique experience for families.

Cabin Glamping

Cabin glamping is a popular choice for families. It involves staying in a rustic cabin that is equipped with modern amenities. Cabins typically offer comfortable beds, private bathrooms, and fully equipped kitchens. They provide a cozy and homey atmosphere, allowing families to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing stay in nature.

Treehouse Glamping

Treehouse glamping is an exciting and adventurous option for families. Staying in a treehouse allows you to be immersed in nature and enjoy the feeling of living among the trees. Treehouses are usually designed with comfort in mind and offer amenities such as comfortable beds, private bathrooms, and even kitchenettes.

RV or Camper Glamping

RV or camper glamping is a popular choice for families who want more flexibility and mobility during their glamping trip. Renting or owning an RV or camper allows you to have a comfortable and convenient place to sleep, eat, and relax while on the road. RV or camper glamping offers the freedom to explore different locations and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Glamping Tents

Glamping tents are specially designed tents that offer a luxurious and comfortable camping experience. They are often larger and more spacious than regular tents and are equipped with comfortable beds, cozy bedding, and sometimes even private bathrooms. Glamping tents provide a perfect balance of comfort and adventure for families.

Glamping Amenities for Families

Family-sized Tents

When glamping with your family, having a family-sized tent is essential. These tents are larger and designed to accommodate multiple people comfortably. They provide enough space for everyone to sleep, relax, and store their belongings.

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Bathroom Facilities

Access to bathroom facilities is a crucial amenity for families, especially when traveling with children. Many glamping sites offer shared or private bathrooms equipped with showers, toilets, and sinks. Having easy access to clean and functional bathrooms ensures a comfortable and convenient experience for families.

Kitchen Facilities

Having kitchen facilities during your glamping trip can be a game-changer, especially if you’re traveling with picky eaters or have dietary restrictions. Many glamping sites provide communal or private kitchens equipped with stoves, microwaves, refrigerators, and cooking utensils. This allows you to prepare and enjoy homemade meals during your stay.

Campfire or BBQ Area

Campfire or BBQ areas are a fantastic amenity for families who enjoy cooking and spending time outdoors. Glamping sites often provide designated areas for campfires or BBQs, complete with fire pits or grills. This allows families to bond over cooking delicious meals and enjoying the traditional camping experience of roasting marshmallows or hotdogs.


Many glamping sites cater specifically to families and offer playgrounds for children. These play areas are equipped with swings, slides, climbing structures, and other fun activities that keep children entertained and engaged. Playgrounds are a great way for kids to socialize and make new friends during their glamping trip.

Swimming Pool

A swimming pool can be a fantastic amenity, especially during the summer months. Glamping sites with swimming pools provide a refreshing and fun activity for families to enjoy together. Whether it’s splashing in the water, swimming laps, or simply lounging by the poolside, a swimming pool is a great addition to any family-friendly glamping site.

Activities for Kids

Family-friendly glamping sites often offer a range of activities specifically tailored for children. These activities can include nature walks, scavenger hunts, arts and crafts sessions, outdoor games, and much more. Having organized activities ensures that children have a memorable and enjoyable glamping experience.

Are There Glamping Options For Families With Children?

Finding Family-Friendly Glamping Sites

Research Online

The first step in finding family-friendly glamping sites is to conduct online research. There are many websites and platforms dedicated to glamping, where you can find a wide range of options. Look for glamping sites that specifically mention being family-friendly or catering to families with children.

Read Reviews and Testimonials

Reading reviews and testimonials from previous visitors can give you valuable insights into the experiences and amenities offered by different glamping sites. Look for reviews that mention families with children, and pay attention to comments about the amenities, activities, and overall suitability for families.

Look for Family-Friendly Amenities

When researching glamping sites, pay attention to the amenities mentioned on their websites or listings. Look for features like family-sized tents, playgrounds, swimming pools, and activities for kids. Glamping sites that prioritize and highlight family-friendly amenities are more likely to provide a great experience for families.

Contact the Glamping Site

Reach out to the glamping site directly to inquire about their family-friendly amenities and policies. Ask specific questions about the availability of family-sized tents, bathroom facilities, and any additional amenities you are interested in. Speaking with a representative can give you a better understanding of what to expect during your stay.

Seek Recommendations

Ask friends, family, or fellow parents for recommendations on family-friendly glamping sites they have visited. Personal recommendations can be extremely helpful in finding hidden gems or lesser-known sites that are ideal for families. Get suggestions from people you trust to ensure a great glamping experience.

Considerations for Glamping with Children

Safety Measures

When glamping with children, safety is a top priority. Ensure that the glamping site you choose has appropriate safety measures in place, such as secure tent structures, safe playground equipment, and clearly marked paths. Additionally, familiarize yourself and your children with any safety protocols or guidelines provided by the glamping site.

Accessibility for Children

Consider the accessibility of the glamping site for children of different ages. Are there paved paths or wheelchair ramps for strollers or those with mobility challenges? Look for glamping sites that offer easy access to amenities and activities suitable for children, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Proximity to Attractions and Services

If you plan on exploring nearby attractions or need access to essential services, consider the proximity of the glamping site to these locations. Being close to attractions such as national parks, hiking trails, or family-friendly attractions can enhance your glamping experience and provide additional entertainment and adventure for your children.

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Noise and Privacy

Glamping sites vary in terms of noise levels and privacy. If you prefer a quieter and more secluded experience, look for glamping sites that offer private or semi-private accommodations set further away from common areas. On the other hand, if your children enjoy a more lively atmosphere, opting for a glamping site with communal areas and social events may be a better fit for your family.

Are There Glamping Options For Families With Children?

Benefits of Glamping for Families

Immersive Nature Experience

Glamping allows families to immerse themselves in nature while still enjoying the comforts of home. You can wake up to the sound of birds chirping, enjoy stunning views, and breathe in fresh air. Glamping offers a unique opportunity for children to appreciate the beauty of the natural world and develop a deeper connection with the environment.

Quality Time with Family

One of the greatest benefits of glamping for families is the opportunity to spend quality time together. Glamping encourages bonding and connection by providing a spacious and comfortable environment for shared activities, meals, and relaxation. It allows families to disconnect from their daily routines and create lasting memories in a serene and beautiful setting.


Contrary to popular belief, glamping can be an affordable option for families, especially when compared to other forms of vacations or accommodations. With the availability of various glamping options and price ranges, families can choose accommodations that fit their budget while still enjoying a luxurious and memorable experience.

Comfort and Convenience

Glamping provides families with the comforts and conveniences of modern living, making it much easier to travel with children. From comfortable beds to fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms, glamping offers a level of comfort that traditional camping may not provide. It allows families to relax and enjoy their surroundings without compromising on convenience.

Glamping Activities for Children

Nature Exploration and Hiking

Glamping offers the perfect opportunity for children to explore and connect with nature. Take your children on nature walks, hikes, or guided tours to discover the local flora and fauna. Encourage hands-on exploration by pointing out different plants, animals, rocks, and other natural elements. Spark their curiosity and love for the outdoors.

Campfire Cooking

Campfire cooking is a classic camping tradition that children often find exciting and enjoyable. Teach your children how to safely cook simple meals or delicious snacks over a campfire. Whether it’s roasting marshmallows for s’mores or cooking hotdogs on a stick, campfire cooking provides a fun and interactive experience for children.


Stargazing is a magical activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Glamping in remote areas allows for clearer and more breathtaking views of the night sky. Lay out blankets and spend quality time together while marveling at the stars, constellations, and even shooting stars. Encourage children to ask questions and learn about the wonders of the universe.

Outdoor Games and Sports

Glamping offers plenty of space for outdoor games and sports. Pack balls, frisbees, and other outdoor toys for your children to enjoy. Set up games like soccer, catch, or badminton, and encourage friendly competition. Outdoor activities promote physical fitness, coordination, and teamwork while allowing children to have fun and burn off energy.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are a great way to entertain children during downtime at the glamping site. Pack supplies such as paper, crayons, markers, and glue for creative projects. Create nature-themed crafts, such as leaf rubbings, pinecone bird feeders, or rock painting. Arts and crafts promote creativity, imagination, and fine motor skills in a fun and relaxing manner.

Storytelling and Campfire Stories

Gather around the campfire and share stories with your children. Whether it’s telling ghost stories, sharing family anecdotes, or reading books aloud, storytelling sparks imagination and creates a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Encourage your children to share their own stories or participate in storytelling games, fostering their communication and storytelling skills.

Tips for a Successful Family Glamping Trip

Pack Essential Items

When planning a family glamping trip, make sure to pack essential items to ensure a comfortable stay. Include bedding, towels, toiletries, insect repellent, sunblock, and appropriate clothing for various weather conditions. Don’t forget to pack any necessary medications, baby supplies, and entertainment options for your children.

Plan Meals and Snacks

Consider planning meals and snacks in advance to avoid any last-minute confusion or hunger pangs. Pack non-perishable food items and easy-to-prepare meals that can be enjoyed at the glamping site. Don’t forget to include healthy snacks and plenty of water to keep everyone hydrated during their outdoor adventures.

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Bring Entertainment and Activities

Although nature itself provides plenty of entertainment, it’s a good idea to bring additional activities and entertainment options for your children. Pack board games, playing cards, books, or tablets with age-appropriate apps or movies. These can come in handy during rainy days, lazy afternoons, or as a wind-down activity before bedtime.

Set Up Camp Comfortably

Take the time to set up your glamping site in a comfortable and organized manner. Create designated areas for sleeping, dining, and relaxation. Arranging sleeping bags or air mattresses, setting up a cozy seating area, and organizing kitchen supplies can make your glamping experience more enjoyable and stress-free.

Establish Safety Rules

Before embarking on your glamping adventure, establish safety rules and guidelines for your children. Set boundaries for wandering off, using fire pits or BBQs, and exploring the surroundings. Ensure that children understand the importance of following these rules to ensure their safety and the safety of others.

Recommended Family-Friendly Glamping Sites

XYZ Glamping Resort

XYZ Glamping Resort offers a wide range of family-friendly accommodations, including spacious tents, cabins, and treehouses. They provide various amenities such as playgrounds, swimming pools, and organized activities for children. Located in a scenic natural setting, XYZ Glamping Resort offers a perfect balance of comfort, adventure, and relaxation.

ABC Family Campsite

ABC Family Campsite is a popular choice for families looking for a memorable glamping experience. They offer family-sized tents equipped with comfortable beds and shared bathroom facilities. The campsite also features a playground, nature trails, and a campfire area. ABC Family Campsite promotes a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for families.

123 Nature Retreat

123 Nature Retreat is nestled in a serene natural environment, providing families with a tranquil glamping experience. They offer a range of accommodations, including yurts and cabins, with comfortable amenities and private bathrooms. The retreat boasts hiking trails, a swimming pool, and nature-themed activities for children.

Family Glamping Resort

Family Glamping Resort caters specifically to families with children, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable glamping experience for all. They offer spacious glamping tents, family-sized cabins, and RV sites. The resort features a playground, swimming pool, and a range of organized activities for children of all ages.

Glamping vs Camping with Children

Comfort and Amenities

Glamping offers a higher level of comfort and amenities compared to traditional camping. While camping typically involves sleeping on the ground in tents and using basic facilities, glamping provides accommodations with comfortable beds, private bathrooms, and kitchen facilities. Glamping allows families to enjoy the outdoors while still having access to modern comforts.

Packing and Set-Up

Glamping reduces the amount of packing and set-up required compared to camping. With glamping, accommodations are often pre-set, eliminating the need to set up tents or assemble camping gear. Glamping sites provide the necessary amenities and equipment, allowing families to pack lighter and focus on enjoying their time together.

Activities and Entertainment

Both camping and glamping offer opportunities for outdoor activities and entertainment. However, glamping often provides additional amenities and organized activities specifically tailored for families. Glamping sites may have playgrounds, swimming pools, and organized nature walks or crafts, offering a more diverse range of activities for children.

Safety and Security

Glamping sites often have security measures in place, providing families with a sense of safety and security. Glamping accommodations are typically more secure and sturdy compared to tents. Additionally, glamping sites may have staff or security personnel available to address any safety concerns. Camping, on the other hand, may require families to take additional precautions and be more vigilant about safety.

Glamping with Infants and Toddlers

Baby-Friendly Accommodations

When glamping with infants and toddlers, it’s important to choose accommodations that are suitable for young children. Look for glamping sites that provide baby-friendly amenities such as cribs, high chairs, and baby-proofed accommodations. This ensures a safe and comfortable environment for your little ones.

Proper Sleeping Arrangements

Ensure that you have appropriate sleeping arrangements for your infants and toddlers during your glamping trip. Pack portable cribs or bassinets for young babies and consider inflatable toddler beds for older children. Familiarize your children with their sleeping arrangements before the trip to help them feel more secure and comfortable.

Childproofing the Site

Before your glamping trip, take some time to childproof the site to make it safe for your infants and toddlers. Remove any potential hazards such as sharp objects, breakable items, or toxic plants. If necessary, bring outlet covers, cabinet locks, and portable safety gates to create a child-friendly environment.

Ensuring Hygiene and Cleanliness

Maintaining hygiene and cleanliness is important when glamping with infants and toddlers. Pack plenty of diapers, wipes, and basic hygiene products. Consider bringing a portable baby bathtub for bathing your little ones. Check with the glamping site about their cleaning and sanitation protocols to ensure a clean and healthy environment for your family.

As you can see, glamping offers fantastic options for families with children. With a variety of glamping accommodations available and plenty of family-friendly amenities and activities, glamping provides a unique and enjoyable experience for the whole family. So, pack your bags, grab your loved ones, and get ready for a memorable glamping adventure that your family will cherish for years to come.